National Indicator 86 is derived from Ofsted inspection judgements data for state funded secondary schools, using the judgement "The behaviour of learners - school level". The National Indicator is based on each eligible school's most recent judgement and therefore differs from Ofsted's published annual data, which include inspections within a given academic year. Ofsted published the latest annual inspection judgements in the Ofsted Annual Report on 19 November 2008, click here:

This is the first publication of the National Indicator and contains outturn measures for December 2006, 2007 and 2008 at National and Local Authority levels. Future editions of this publication will update the time series to include indicator outturn as at December of each year. It is planned that earlier years will be added to the time series, pending preparation of the necessary data.

This is not a National Statistics publication. It has been produced to aid Local Authorities and other partners involved in the National Indicator and Local Area Agreement processes.