This Statistical First Release (SFR) is based upon information collected in the 2009 School Census. It includes information on both the number of schools and pupils, and tables showing the number of pupils by age, gender, free school meal eligibility, ethnicity, first language, and gifted and talented status. It also includes a range of class size information.

The information was originally published using provisional data on 7 May 2009. Provisional information on class sizes was later added as additional tables (13 May 2009).

This provisional information has now been updated with tables produced from final data (11 August and 22 October 2009). Information at Local Authority and Government Office region level is also included.

The provisional publication included some tables showing information on Special Educational Needs (SEN). The publication of final information on pupils with SEN can be found in SFR14/2009 "Special Educational Needs in England: January 2009".

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