Statistics on Private Fostering are published as Private Fostering arrangements in England: Year ending 31 March 2009 and include data from England. The SFR covers figures on children cared for and accommodated in private fostering arrangements.

The latest statistics report the year ending 31 March 2009 and update those previously released on 31 July 2008.

The key points from the latest release are:

  • At 31 March 2009, 1,530 children were reported as being cared for and accommodated in private fostering arrangements in England. This compares with 1,330 children reported at 31 March 2008, an increase of 15% from 2008 to 2009 and 1,250 at 31 March 2007, an increase of 7% from 2007 to 2008.
  • 1,980 new private fostering arrangements began during the year to 31 March 2009, and 1,700 private fostering arrangements ended during the year.
  • Of the number of cases where action was taken in accordance with requirements for carrying out visits, 77% were subject to action within 7 working days; in 2007 this figure was 78%.