This Statistical First Release (SFR) provides provisional information on the achievements of eligible pupils (typically 11 year olds) in the 2008 National Curriculum assessments at Key Stage 2 (KS2). The figures in this SFR are produced from data provided to the Department by the National Assessment Agency (NAA) and released to schools on 15 July 2008.

The information in this SFR is provisional subject to: the outcome of the appeals process whereby schools can request a review for one or more of their pupils on the grounds that the mark scheme has not been correctly applied; any changes made by schools during the Achievement and Attainment Tables checking exercise in the Autumn term; the outcome of the Sutherland Inquiry which is looking into the problems with delivery of this year's National Curriculum tests; and further advice from the Office of the Qualifications and Examinations Regulator (Ofqual). At the time of publication, information from Ofqual indicates that the underlying data are of sufficient quality to support this publication.

The key points from the Key Stage 2 test results for 2008 are that the percentages of pupils achieving Level 4 or above in the 2008 Key Stage 2 tests by subject are as follows:

  • English 81% (85% for girls, 76% for boys)
  • Reading 86% (89% for girls, 83% for boys)
  • Writing 67% (74% for girls, 60% for boys)
  • Mathematics 78% (78% for girls, 79% for boys)
  • Science 88% (89% for girls, 87% for boys)
The percentage of pupils achieving Level 5 in the 2008 Key Stage 2 tests by subject are as follows:
  • English 29% (36% for girls, 23% for boys)
  • Reading 48% (54% for girls, 43% for boys)
  • Writing 20% (25% for girls, 15% for boys)
  • Mathematics 31% (28% for girls, 35% for boys)
  • Science 44% (45% for girls, 43% for boys)

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Adam Hatton - Attainment Statistics Team