These data tables are based upon the Annual Population Survey (APS) Jan-Dec 2005 incorporating the English Local Labour Force Survey (ELLFS), and update those last published on 28 July 2005 based upon ELLFS 2004/05.

Figures relate to levels of highest qualification held by people of working age, the relationship between qualification level and rate of employment of those of working age, participation in job related training by employees and the proportion of adults who participate in any form of learning.

Additionally figures are included on the highest qualification held by economically active adults (the group targeted by the DfES adult skills PSA target).

Figures are for England and are disaggregated into Government Office Region (GOR), Local Learning and Skills Council (LSC) office areas, Learning Partnership (LP), Local Education Authority (LEA) and Local Authority District (LAD) geographies.

The new data refer to the calender year 2005 due to the move to reporting using the APS from the ELLFS. Data from previous years are on the old seasonal year basis from March to February.

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