These are four new releases prepared and published by the Learning Skills Council (LSC) and the DfES for the Neighbourhood Statistics Service (NeSS). On February 23 the Department and the LSC will be publishing four tables providing details about the final 2002/03 and 2003/04 Further Education (FE) and Work Based Learning (WBL) Learner Outcomes for learners resident in small areas in England.

The tables will show the success, retention and achievement rates for FE learners and the success rates for WBL learners. The information is based for the first time on the geographic locations of learner residence in England and Regional and Local Authority District (LAD) breakdowns are available. Information about FE learners will also be made available for the first time at two new geographic levels lower and middle layer super output areas (SOAs).

Once published, this information will be available within the Education, Skills and Training domain on the Neighbourhood Statistics web site.Data to be published by the LSC and the DfES on the Neighbourhood Statistics website on February 23:

  • Further Education Success, Retention and Achievement Rates, 2002/03
  • Further Education Success, Retention and Achievement Rates, 2003/04
  • Work Based Learning Success Rates, 2002/03
  • Work Based Learning Success Rates, 2003/04

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