This Statistical First Release contains a first report of the findings for England from PISA 2003, released simultaneously with UK and other OECD countries' figures in OECD's PISA 2003 publication "Learning for Tomorrow's World".

As will be announced in a press notice on 19 November, the sample for England fell short of the pre-agreed school and pupil level response rates both before and after replacement. Upon further examination of the England sample, OECD analysts have concluded that at present the uncertainties surrounding the sample are such that it is not possible to make reliable comparisons between England's performance and that of other countries, nor with the performance scores for England from PISA 2000.

This SFR therefore reports only the mean scores for England on the PISA attainment scales, with cautionary notes on the data's reliability and without placing them alongside other countries' scores or scores from PISA 2000.

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