This Statistical First Release contains analyses of accredited vocational qualifications awarded in the United Kingdom in the school year 2002/2003, plus a comparison of vocational and academic awards in England. These statistics are taken from the National Information System for Vocational Qualifications (NISVQ).

This SFR updates information on accredited vocational qualifications presented in the Statistical Bulletin "Statistics of Education: Vocational Qualifications in the UK 2001/02", published in June 2003. This information will no longer be presented in the form a Statistical Bulletin and has become a Statistical First Release.

Important Note: Information on awards of non-accredited "Other Vocational Qualifications" (OVQs) will not be presented in the SFR. This is due to recent concern raised by QCA on the quality of data on OVQs. Further detail on this shall be presented in the SFR.