The Youth Cohort Study (YCS) is a series of longitudinal surveys that contacts a sample of an academic year-group or "cohort" of young people in the spring following completion of compulsory education and usually again one and two years later. The survey looks at young people's education and labour market experience, their training and qualifications and a range of other issues, including socio-demographic variables. This Statistical First Release provides summary findings of the most recent survey of 16 year olds from the eleventh Youth Cohort Study (YCS). The survey was carried out in Spring 2002 when respondents were in their first academic year after completing compulsory education. The previous survey of 16 year olds was SFR 02/2001 carried out in Spring 2000

Revisions and Amendments

  • June 2006 - All the Cohort 11 Statistical First Releases have been revised due to a problem with the coding of NS-SEC which has now been corrected.

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