Professor Munro's report says that local areas should have more freedom to design their own child protection services, and that a one-size-fits-all approach to child protection is preventing local areas from focusing on the needs of the child.

The report signals a radical shift from previous reforms that, while well-intentioned, resulted in a tick-box culture and a loss of focus on the needs of the child.

Professor Munro says that the Government and local authorities should operate in an open culture, continually learn from what has happened in the past, trust professionals and give them the best possible training. 

Professor Munro also recommends a change of approach to Serious Case Reviews, with a stronger focus on understanding the underlying issues that made professionals behave the way they did and what prevented them from being able to properly help and protect children.

The Government will work closely with a group of professionals from across the children's sector to develop a full response to Professor Munro's recommendations before the end of July.  

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