This letter from Jeanette Pugh, Director of DfE’s Safeguarding Group, advises DCSs and LSCB Chairs of revised arrangements for the gathering of information on serious child care incidents and Serious Case Reviews, and for handling correspondence on child protection. These revised arrangements follow the decision by the Secretary of State for Education to end virtually all DfE functions currently delivered by the Government Office Children and Learners teams. The correspondence handling arrangements have effect from 1 October 2010. The information gathering arrangements have effect from 1 October in relation to London and from a later date, still to be agreed, for the other regions.

This message is also being sent directly to Lead Members for Children's Services and LSCB chairs.

Action required

Please ensure that staff members are ready to provide the DfE with specified information which would previously have gone to Government Offices.

Contact details

Colin Curtis
Telephone: 020 7783 8052