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Those responsible for the commissioning and delivery of services for young people, particularly in respect of the duty to secure services and activities to improve young people's wellbeing.


The Government is working with the Local Government Association to promote sector-led improvement of youth services and to support innovation and creative redesign. It announced in Positive for Youth the setting up of youth innovation zones to act as pioneers and assist the wider development of new approaches. The Children's Improvement Board is commissioning this work through its delivery partner FPM. A small budget of up to £500,000 in total has been allocated to support the development of  new innovation zones in 2012/13. Local authorities are invited to apply for funding via the LGA Knowledge Hub website by 10 April 2012. Registration to the hub is free. Contact Abby Sharpe ( for further information.

Action required and due date

To consider and, if appropriate, submit an application by 10 April 2012.