How many exclusions have there been from academy schools in London in the last three years, including temporary and permanent exclusions?


Please Note: This republished response was originally made in March 2008.

Academies, including those in London, have exclusion rates no higher than other schools in a local authority. They play an active part in their local admissions system, and have regard to the Secretary of State's guidance on exclusions. As many academies have exclusion rates below the national average as have exclusion rates above the national average.

Academies are established in disadvantaged areas where generations of pupils have been denied access to a first class education. Some academies have inherited a large number of disruptive pupils and need to establish good behaviour in order to raise attainment. At the opening of an academy, exclusions may rise initially as the new ethos and behaviour policy brought into the school is enforced in its early days, but as the academies become established the proportion of exclusion tends to drop, suggesting that they have got on top of behaviour and things are improving. The sometimes quite high levels of fixed period exclusions shows academies are using the short, sharp shock of suspensions as a way of clamping down misbehaviour before it escalates to the point where permanent exclusion is necessary.