Documentation that may assist you in setting up your implementation of the Aggregator is available to download from this page.

It should be noted that this documentation serves as a guide only and is not a step by step set of instructions.

Developers may find the comments posted on helpful in setting up the aggregator. These can be accessed on the Family Information Directory page.

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Schema Technical Specification
This document specifies in detail the core Family Information Directory data schemas defining childcare and family services records.

Aggregator functional design
This document specifies the functional and technical design of the Aggregator software that underpins the Family Information Directory solution.

Summary of changes in schemas version 5
This document details the major changes to the latest versions of the Family Information Directory schemas (version 5).

Guidance and details on integrating with Family Information Directory search
This document describes the search access points and gives examples of how to construct SRU searches against this interface.

Family Information Directory search results technical detail
The purpose of this document is to detail the fields returned by SRU searches of the Family Information Directory Repository via the Search and Discovery Interface.

Schema definitions
This document contains links to the core Family Information Directory data definition and supporting schemas.

Guidance to the use of the vocabularies and complementary controlled lists
This report describes how to use the Family Information Directory subject vocabulary to tag content relating to services about parenting. The tagging guidelines can be used by any organisation that has a requirement to use the vocabulary.

Web Page Tool Kit Implementation Documentation
Documentation for technical implementers on how to integrate the web page toolkit into other sites.

Introduction to Web Page Tool Kit
This document outlines the options available to organisations for providing their users with Directory search and discovery, through their websites.

Directgov local authority finder
List of local authorities.