Learning inside a classroom is a tried and tested method of organising schooling. However, teachers and learners have always valued the additional opportunities for learning provided by a range of activities conducted outside the classroom. These include day and residential visits, field studies, investigations conducted in the local area, sporting events, and music and drama productions.

This report evaluates the impact of learning outside the classroom in 12 primary schools, 10 secondary schools, one special school, one pupil referral unit and three colleges across England where previous inspections had shown that curricular provision, in particular outside the classroom, was good, outstanding or improving rapidly. Inspectors also visited or contacted 13 specialist organisations, including providers of learning outside the classroom, and held discussions with representatives from five local authorities.

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  • Executive summary
  • Key findings
  • Recommendations
  • Introduction
  • The value of learning outside the classroom
  • Contributing to the Every Child Matters outcomes
  • The importance of place
  • Leading and managing learning outside the classroom
  • Provision outside the school day
  • Integrating learning inside and outside the classroom