This guide aims to help school staff fulfil their responsibilities as ‘first-in-line’ providers of careers education, and information, advice and guidance (IAG).

It will enable the providers to support parents, carers and guardians in helping their children make wise choices. This guide further suggests ways of working more effectively with Connexions and other partners to target help for students with particular needs.

The guide offers suggestions for making more effective use of the two Connexions booklets: 'Which Way Now?' (ref: 625-1PDF) and 'It's Your Choice' (ref: 624-4PDF), which give advice on Key Stage 4 options and post-16 learning and work options.

The Publication will no longer be made available in hard copy, however will continue to be downloadable in PDF.

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  • What’s changing?
  • Using Which way now? in the classroom
  • Using It’s your choice in the classroom