Think Family means securing better outcomes for children, young people and families with additional needs by co-ordinating the support they receive from children’s, young people’s, adults’ and family services.

This Toolkit sets out some of the ways in which these practices can be developed ‘on the ground’ and represents an important step towards setting out how Think Family can be made a reality in day-to-day practice. Much of what it contains has been developed locally and reflects the enormous commitment and ingenuity of those working with children, mothers, fathers and families.

The Toolkit is a ‘living’ document and will be updated when required. When a section is amended, it will be possible to remove the out-of-date section and replace it with a new one. To register for updates email the Think Family team.


  • Foreword
  • Introduction
  • What is Think Family practice?
  • Services which Think Family
  • Children’s Trusts which Think Family
  • Think Family is more effective and cost‑effective
  • Think Family, prevention and early intervention
  • Supporting the families with the greatest needs
  • Estimating the number of families needing intensive support
  • Think Family and safeguarding and promoting children’s welfare
  • Target setting and commissioning for Think Family
  • Resources, grant requirements and monitoring
  • Measurement of success
  • Support
  • Annex