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Government response to the NHS Future Forum report

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    Government response
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    Department of Health
  • Published date:
    20 June 2011
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    ISBN 978-0-10-181132-3
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In April, the Secretary of State announced the start of a listening exercise, to pause, listen, reflect on and improve the Government's proposals for modernising the NHS. The listening exercise was led by the independent NHS Future Forum, which published its report on 13 June. The Government announced its initial response on 14 June.

This document sets out the Government's detailed response to the Forum's report. It explains how we will make significant changes to improve our plans, in line with the Forum's recommendations. Parliamentary scrutiny of the Health and Social Care Bill will now follow.

Government response to the NHS Future Forum report: Briefing notes on amendments to the Health and Social Care Bill

Published: 27 June 2011

Some of the changes the Government is making in response to the NHS Future Forum require amendments to the Health and Social Care Bill. A set of Government amendments to the Bill was tabled for consideration by a House of Commons Public Bill Committee.

The Government has produced briefing notes to accompany these amendments. The notes explain the purpose and effect of the amendments, following the structure of the Government response and linking back to the commitments made there. A fuller description of the context for the amendments and of the other changes to the modernisation plans is provided by the response.

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