The artist, Marina Abramović, sitting at a desk
Film still taken from Marina Abramović The Artist is Present

Marina Abramović The Artist is Present

Marina Abramović The Artist is Present is a documentary portrait of the pioneering performance artist as she prepares for the major retrospective of her work at The Museum of Modern Art, New York in 2010.

Based on interviews with Abramović, her collaborators and a variety of art commentators, friends and fans, the documentary weaves archival footage of Abramović’s early works with images of her personal and professional life in the momentous year leading up to her MoMA exhibition.

Since the beginning of her career in Belgrade during the early 1970s, Marina Abramović (Yugoslav, born 1946) has pioneered performance as a visual art form, creating some of her most important early works. The body has been both her subject and medium. Exploring her physical and mental limits in works that ritualize the simple actions of everyday life, she has withstood pain, exhaustion and danger in her quest for emotional and spiritual transformation.

From 1975 to 1988, Abramović and the German artist Ulay performed together, dealing with relations of duality. Abramović returned to solo performances in 1989 and has presented her work at major institutions and festivals across the U.S. and Europe. In 2010 she had her first major retrospective in the United States at the Museum of Modern Art, New York, performing for more than 700 hours.

In 2012, the HBO documentary film, Marina Abramović The Artist is Present premiered at Sundance Film Festival, Utah and The Canadian Film Premiere, Toronto.

Marina Abramović The Artist is Present is an HBO Documentary Films presentation of A Show of Force production, directed by Matthew Akers.
Producers: Jeff Dupre and Maro Chermayeff.
Director of Photography: Matthew Akers
Co-Director: Jeff Dupre
Editor: E. Donna Shepherd
Co-Editor Jim Hession
Original Music: Nathan Halpern
Co-Producer: Francesca von Habsburg; For Dakota Group, Ltd
Executive Producers: Stanley Buchthal, Maja Hoffman & David Koh
For HBO, Senior Producer: Nancy Abraham; Executive Producer: Sheila Nevins

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Part of the series The Tanks: Art in Action