Police medical appeal boards: new provider

Home Office circular 023 / 2008

Police medical appeal boards: new provider

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  • Issue date: Wed Oct 29 00:00:00 GMT 2008
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    Crime Reduction and Community Safety Group (CRCSG), Police Reform and Resources
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  • Implementation date: Mon Nov 10 00:00:00 GMT 2008
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1. This circular announces new arrangements for the provision of police medical appeal boards in England and Wales, for the purposes of the Police Pensions Regulations 1987 and 2006 and the Police (Injury Benefit) Regulations 2006. 

From 10 November 2008 the contractor for the provision of appeal boards will be Health Management Limited (HML), who will also provide and administer boards in Scotland.  The Circular also sets out transitional arrangements for the provision of boards, which will apply until 31 January 2009.


2. The following are the key points about the new arrangements:

  • The appointment of a new provider does not affect the legislation, guidance and procedures for police medical appeals, which remain unchanged.
  • The duration of the contract is three years, with provision for two one-year extensions to bring the term of the contract to five years in total.
  • The standard charge for a three-member board provided by HML is £6,200 (exclusive of VAT). HML will send invoices direct to Police Authorities.
  • The contract with HML formally begins on 10 November 2008, but HML may be in touch with forces before that date in respect of appeals which they have taken over from Capita Health Solutions (Capita) under the transitional arrangements.
  • Capita will continue to handle certain existing appeals and will arrange boards for these appeals in a transitional period up to 31 January 2009.
  • The standard charge for certain boards arranged by Capita in the transitional period will be £5,826.
  • The locations for boards will, at least for the initial period of the contract, be the same as at present.

Tender process

3.  HML have been appointed as the new provider following a tender exercise carried out by a panel consisting of representatives from the Home Office, the Scottish Public Pensions Agency, the Association of Police Authorities, the Association of Chief Police Officers, the Association of Chief Police Officers (Scotland), the Police Federation of England and Wales, the Scottish Police Federation and the Metropolitan Police.

Regulations, guidance and procedures

4. As indicated in the Summary, the appointment of HML has not changed the regulations or guidance relating to medical appeals (although the guidance is subject to review to reflect changes in statutory and case law and points which have been drawn to our attention). In particular, the Forms, procedures and timescales specified in the guidance remain the same, subject to the replacement of any reference to “Capita Health Solutions” by a reference to “Health Management Limited”. The guidance, which will be amended to reflect the appointment of HML, is available on the Home Office website at the following link: http://police.homeoffice.gov.uk/publications/human-resources/PMAB_Guidance/

Commencement of services and contact details

5. New appeals and any which have not already been sent to Capita should be sent to HML with immediate effect (cases with Capita are covered in paragraphs 16-18).  The address for papers and other contact details for HML are set out at Annex A.  The first boards held by HML are likely to take place in December. 

Board locations

6. Initially, at least, HML will use the same locations and premises for boards as are currently used, in Birmingham, Bristol, Leeds, London and Manchester. The premises and locations will be reviewed during the first year of operation of the new contract.

Board members and training

7.  A programme of training for the board members provided by HML will begin in early November.  Visits to forces, to include contact with local Police Federation representatives, will also be arranged.  Some of the board chairs and second members previously provided by Capita will continue to sit on boards provided by HML.

8. An introductory seminar, to enable the administrative and medical staff of HML to meet representatives of police authorities, forces and staff associations, is being arranged for later in November or in early December.

Costs and payment

9. The scale of HML’s charges is set out at Annex B. The structure is much the same as at present, including a sliding scale of charges for appeals postponed, cancelled or adjourned without adequate notice of at least 21 calendar days, unless there are exceptional reasons.  The charges are fixed for the first two years of the contract and for the third year will increase in line with the index specified in Annex B. The level of charges will be reviewed prior to any extension to the contract.

10. The standard charge for a three-member board provided by HML is comparable to that charged for fire service medical appeals and, under previous arrangements, police medical appeals in Scotland.

11. HML’s charge will be reduced if it fails to meet either or both of the following targets:

  • An overall target that the report will be sent to the police authority and the appellant within 16 weeks of the HML’s written receipt of the appeal case papers.
  • A post-hearing target that the report will be sent to the police authority and the appellant within ten working days of the appeal hearing. In extenuating circumstances (i.e. where there is a need to obtain further information from a force or third consultant, or a Board member is not available to sign), this target will be extended to 15 working days.

12. The reduction will be as follows:

  • Failure to meet the overall target will result in a 5% reduction in the fee
  • Failure to meet the post-hearing target will result in a 5% reduction in the fee
  • If neither target is met there will therefore be a total reduction of 10% in the fee.

13. The reductions will not apply to cases dealt with under the transitional arrangements: see paragraph 19.

14. As at present, HML’s charges will normally be paid by the police authority except where the board determines that the appeal was frivolous or vexatious. The procedures involved in such a decision are unchanged. Each party to the appeal will meet their own expenses of attending the board. If the appeal is successful, the police authority will refund to the appellant his or her reasonable expenses in attending the board.

15. HML will send invoices direct to the police authority. Police authorities should liaise with the HML contacts at Annex A to set up invoicing and payment arrangements.  In particular, police authorities should set HML up as a supplier on their payment system and should notify HML of the postal address for sending invoices (HML have a full list of medical appeal contacts in police authorities, but they also need to know where to send invoices, if different).  As at present, in cases where the appellant pays some or all of the costs, the police authority will normally recover costs by instalments.

Transitional arrangements

16. Capita will continue to arrange boards for certain appeals which have been submitted to them, under a variation to the existing contract.  Other cases will be transferred to HML. These arrangements are subject to the proviso that any appeal still outstanding at 31 January 2009 will be transferred from Capita to HML for completion.  Police authorities are asked to co-operate with Capita in agreeing to dates for hearings, to enable as many cases as possible to be completed before the January cut-off date.

17.  We have agreed with Capita that, under the variation to the contract, certain appeals which they complete (basically, those for which it would not have been possible to arrange a hearing until after the expiry of the existing contract on 9 November) will be charged at the higher rate of £5,826 for a standard appeal.

18. The following table provides a broad summary of which cases will be dealt with by which provider and at what cost.  The cases to be dealt with Capita, those which may be charged at the higher rate and those which will be transferred to HML will be specified by name of appellant.  Police authorities will be notified by e-mail over the secure pnn network precisely how named cases will be dealt with under the transitional arrangements.  


To be dealt with by

Cost of standard board

Appeals submitted to Capita for which a board date had already been set at 1 October 2008


Existing Capita rate

Appeals submitted to Capita for which a board date had not been set at 1 October 2008 but on which there had been some contact between Capita and the police authority



Appeals submitted to Capita for which a board date had not been set at 1 October 2008 and on which there had been no contact between Capita and the police authority



Appeals held back by the police authority following Home Office e-mail of 2 October 2008



Any outstanding appeals held by Capita at 31 January 2009



All other appeals




19. The reductions in price for failure to meet the targets referred to in paragraph 12 will not apply to any appeal transferred to HML from Capita. 

Monitoring and feedback

20. HML will provide management information to the Home Office and will also provide information showing the extent to which it has met agreed Key Performance Indicators. Some of the information will be based on responses to questionnaires issued to the parties to an appeal at hearings.  Key management information will be placed on the Home Office website.

21. The Home Office will hold regular meetings with HML and would be interested to receive feedback at any time on how boards are operating.


22. Any general enquiries about the new arrangements should be made to the contacts at the head of this Circular.  Enquiries about appeals which are transferred or sent to HML, or about payment arrangements, should be made to the HML contacts listed at Annex A.  Enquiries about cases which remain with Capita should be made to the existing contacts at Capita.

John Gilbert
Head of Police Pensions and Retirement Policy Section

Annex A: Health management limited contacts






Contract Manager

Jo Jaeger

0870  060 5423

07525 669616


Lead Administrator

Carla Shapland


0870 010 5460 x412




Giovanna Iommazzo

0870 010 5460 x304



Deputy Lead


Kelly Brunsdon

0870 010 5434

07525 911079


Deputy Lead


Jessica Read

0870 010 5435

07525 236680




Richard Wild

0870 010 5460




Transcription Manager

Reena Raikundalia

0870 010 5460




Shared mailbox:  PMABS@healthmanltd.com

Day to day enquiries about the progress of appeals and board dates should be made in the first instance to Carla Shapland or, if Carla is not available, to Giovanna Iommazzo, Kelly Brunsdon, Jessica Read, Richard Wild or Reena Raikundalia.

Hard copies of appeal papers should be sent to:

Carla Shapland, lead administrator, Police Medical Appeal Boards, Health Management Limited, 3rd Floor, 115 Southwark Bridge Road, London SE1 0AX

Annex B: Scale of charges

Appeals for years 1 and 2

Service provided


Standard Appeal Heard by 3 member board


Additional cost (per appeal) per member if additional consultant physician(s) required


 Postponement, adjournment or cancellation charges

Failure to attend, same day notice or one working day’s notice


Two working days notice


Three to five working days notice


Six to ten working days notice


More than ten working days notice and up to 21 calendar days notice


More than 21 calendar days notice and up to 28 calendar days notice


More than 28 calendar days notice


 Other costs

Reconsideration of appeals with a further hearing


Reconsideration of appeals without a further hearing


All costs exclude VAT

Cost for years 3 onwards will be based on Employment and Earnings: Main Industry Sectors SA: Private Sector Services SA inc Bonus: Index 2000=100:GB (Short code is emp: EG2:JJGH:AEI)

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