Mast Strengthening Project – Advert and High Level Specification HOS/12/038

Home Office CAST operates a number of bespoke Radio Communications Systems at our Bovingdon and Sandridge Mast “TOWER” Facilities. The facilities are used to undertake tests and field trials of equipment in support of Home Office scientific and engineering activities.

To sustain and enhance the capability of the 2 towers, CAST seeks the services of a specialist contractor(s) to undertake structural strengthening modifications to both towers to ensure they meet current UK standards.

It is believed the towers were originally constructed to fully comply with British standard BS449. However CAST consider it highly desirable to maintain these towers to BS 8100. A standard more in keeping with the towers lattice construction and in order that they fully meet our current and future Communications Systems Installation needs and maintain their structural integrity in the most severe weather conditions that metrological predictions state may be encountered in future years.

For further details please see the accompanying document.

Date: Wed Dec 19 14:20:00 GMT 2012

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