There has recently been some confusion as to the procedure to follow when notifying the Department of a change in chair of governors. A change of chair should be notified by schools through the schools interface. They should use their data collection username and password to log on to this service on the Edubase website.

It is not necessary to email Prolog separately or to provide details of the outgoing chair. This action happens automatically via the Edubase database.

It is important to note that if chairs want mailings to be sent to their home address, the name and address details must be completed.

  • If they want mailings to be made in their name to the school, the chair’s name should be inserted but the address fields must be left blank as the default is set to the school.

If they wish mail to be delivered to the school with no personal name in the address, they should leave all fields blank. Mail will then be delivered to Chair of Governors at the school address.