DECC statistics users survey 2012

In April 2010 DECC undertook a survey to improve further our knowledge of users of our data, the needs of those users, and how DECC can going forward work with users to develop the suite of statistics that we produce. DECC received 170 responses to the survey from a wide range of users. Users stated that they would like DECC to provide more data on renewables and local area data. This supports DECC’s aims and as a result we now publish:

  • a series of monthly and quarterly renewables tables;
  • interactive maps which users can tailor to their own local area data;
  • a comprehensive set of Feed-in Tariffs statistics;
  • a range of energy efficiency statistics

DECC is keen to ensure that the data we produce continues to meet the needs of users and is now conducting the survey again. The questions in the survey are broadly the same as those used previously with the addition of some new statistical categories, Feed-in Tariffs and Energy Efficiency, which reflect areas of DECC’s work where statistical data was not available in 2010, and some more open ended questions seeking information on what uses are made of our statistics.

DECC would therefore like to hear from any current and potential users of our energy, climate change and fuel poverty statistics. This survey, as before, is being sent to all those individuals who have signed up to receive statistics alerts via the DECC website as well as users in government and local authorities. It can be accessed at:

Completing the questions should only take a few minutes and the information you provide will help DECC to continue to provide the data you need.

If you would prefer to submit comments direct to DECC they can be sent, preferably, via email to Kevin Harris at

Alternatively, they can be posted to: Kevin Harris, DECC, Area 6B, 3 Whitehall Place, London SW1A 2AW.

The survey will close on Friday 11 January 2013.

I look forward to receiving your comments.

Duncan Millard

DECC Head of Profession for Statistics


  • climate change statisticsHigh temperature (Celsius / Europe)

    Climate change statistics cover: UK greenhouse gas emissions and the impacts of climate change in the UK.

  • energy
    statisticsBlack and white image of power lines with measurements superimposed on right, tilt

    Energy statistics cover: production, transformation, consumption, efficiency, stocks, foreign trade and prices.

  • Economics and social research Old Book Close Up

    Find out more about DECC appraisal guidance, energy and emissions projections, evaluation and Impact Assessments. 





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