Statement by the Inquiry – 17 July

The Secretary of State for Justice (the Rt Hon Kenneth Clarke MP QC) today made a Written Ministerial Statement on the Inquiry’s Report (PDF).

Statement by the Inquiry – 28 June

The Detainee Inquiry yesterday delivered to the Prime Minister the report that the Justice Secretary requested in his statement to the House of Commons on 18 January 2012.

Statement By The Chairman Of The Detainee Inquiry

The Secretary of State for Justice (the Rt Hon Kenneth Clarke MP QC) today announced that, in view of the further immediate Metropolitan Police investigations announced last week into the allegations concerning renditions of two individuals to Libya and their … Continue reading

Statement by the Inquiry – 12 January

In a joint statement, the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) and Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) today announced the decision of the Crown Prosecution Service not to charge any named individuals in relation to the investigations in Operations Hinton and Iden. These Operations related … Continue reading

Broadcasting of the Inquiry’s Open Hearings

The Panel is currently minded that, when the Detainee Inquiry is formally launched, it should permit the broadcasting of all its open hearings in line with the Inquiry’s protocol. The Panel would like as many hearings as possible to take … Continue reading

Statement by The Right Honourable Peter Riddell

Peter Riddell was today appointed as the Director of the Institute for Government. He will therefore be leaving The Detainee Inquiry Panel at the end of the year. He said: ‘It has been a privilege to work as a member of  … Continue reading

Statement by the Inquiry – Libya

The Detainee Inquiry is looking at the extent of the UK Government’s involvement in, or awareness of, improper treatment of detainees including rendition. We are therefore, of course, considering these allegations of UK involvement in rendition to Libya as part of … Continue reading

Statement by the Inquiry – 4 August

The Inquiry regrets the decision announced today by the solicitors to the detainees and the NGOs not to participate in the Inquiry.  The Inquiry’s parameters were laid down by the Prime Minister and made public on 6 July 2010.  No … Continue reading

Terms of Reference and Protocol: Statement by the Panel

The article in The Guardian newspaper on 7 July, ‘Lawyers to boycott torture inquiry as UK rights groups label it a sham’, reported a number of criticisms of The Detainee Inquiry made by some NGOs and some lawyers acting on … Continue reading

Terms of Reference and Protocol published

The Government and the Detainee Inquiry have today published the agreed the Terms of Reference and Protocol which outline how the Inquiry will go about its work once it is launched. The Inquiry will look into whether, and if so … Continue reading