The review

The mandate, terms of reference and scope have been agreed.

The panel have confirmed how it will operate.  The panel has collected information from a wide range of stakeholders in a series of meetings throughout the summer and early autumn 2012 and is now considering its conclusions and recommendations. 

Meetings with stakeholders
Scope as approved on 12 July 2012
How the panel will collect information from stakeholders
Panel meetings to focus on areas of interest

Direct Care
Public health
Consent and control
Citizen, patient and client
Special Issues; children and families
Linkage (joining information from different sources)
Patient and Public rights in law
New and emerging technologies

Other panel meetings
Panel meeting 24 April 2012
Panel meeting 24 May 2012
Panel Meeting 20 June 2012
Panel Meeting 12 July 2012
Panel Meeting 18 September 2012

The notes of the meeting held on 16 October will be available once they have been approved.

The next panel meeting will be on 20 November

Papers presented to the panel
Does the failure to share identifiable information lead to harm?
The use of “necessary and expedient” in the Health and Social Care Act 2012
ICO consultation on a draft code of practice on anonymisation
Working with the Law Commission


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