Local Authority Emissions Statistics

This page provides the most up-to-date estimates of emissions of carbon dioxide for Local Authority (NUTS4) and Regional (NUTS1) areas and the methodology used for estimatings those emissions.

National Statistics logo2010 Local Authority Carbon Dioxide Figures

Published 23 August 2012

Figures published previously for 2005-09 have been revised so that they are directly comparable to the 2010 figures.

The National Statistics documents published are:

The statistical release provides a summary of the key points, including a brief background to the report and details of the supplementary reports.

This report provides a summary of the main findings from the full dataset.

The full dataset provides both detailed and summary emission breakdowns for each local authority: 2005-2010.

This dataset - previously know as National Indicator (NI) 186 - provides both detailed and summary emission breakdowns for each local authority for CO2 emissions within the scope of influence of Local Authorities for 2005-2010. Only a subset of the sectors from the full dataset are included within this dataset.

Frequently Asked Questions

A Frequently Asked Questions document on carbon dioxide emissions at local authority level covers emissions statistics and methodology:


The technical report gives an overview of how emissions were estimated and summarises the key findings:

The methodology summary provides a brief summary of how carbon dioxide emissions were estimated for each sector:

The following report outlines the methodology used to map emissions from smaller industrial and commercial sources:

A report prepared by the Centre for Ecology and Hydrology (CEH) looking at LULUCF emissions and removals at the Local Authority level:

Quality Assurance Processes

Details of the Quality Assurance processes which are in place for compiling the Local Authority emissions estimates are set out in this document:

Data tool

DECC has a new data tool to allow users to filter between the complete and ‘emissions within the scope of influence of Local Authorities’ datasets. It also allows users to carry out some basic analysis depending on user preferences. For example charts and tables are automatically updated to compare emissions from a Local Authority with its region and the UK. Guidance notes on how to use the tool are provided in the file.

Further information

For further information on the underlying datasets used to compile this National Statistics, please visit the Carbon dioxide emissions within the scope of influence of local authorities (previously NI 186) page.

Please email the Climate Change Statistics inbox if you have any questions or comments about the information on this page.

The copyright of information presented in the attached documents may not rest solely with DECC. To find out more, please see our Terms & conditions page.

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