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Last updated at 17:24 (UK time) 22 Feb 2012

Foreign Secretary welcomes UN resolution on enhanced support for the African Union Mission in Somalia

22 February 2012

Foreign Secretary William Hague made a statement on the adoption of the UN resolution which agrees support for more sustainable funding and increased numbers of troops in Somalia.
Foreign Secretary William Hague

Speaking after the adoption of the UN resolution enhancing support for the AU Mission in Somalia (AMISOM), the Foreign Secretary said:

"This is great news for Somalia and great news for Africa. At last, the African Union troops who have sacrificed lives to create security in Somalia will get sustainable funding; and they will now be able to move beyond Mogadishu and reduce the space in which Al Shabaab can operate. This is testament to exceptional cooperation between the African Union and the United Nations. And to the willingness of the international community to support African solutions to African issues.

"Tomorrow's London Conference on Somalia will be able to build on this good news, setting out a comprehensive international approach to Somalia covering politics, development, security, as well as our work to combat terrorism and piracy."

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