Young people are the group least likely to access sexual health advice and treatment in traditional clinical settings. The Health White Paper: ‘Our Health, Our Care, Our Say’ set out intentions to offer health services in a broader range of locations. This includes offering advice and treatment in places that can be accessed more conveniently by those at higher risk of poor health outcomes, such as young people.

This good practice guide looks at ways in which further education settings can better support young people to achieve healthy lifestyles and remove health-related barriers to their successful progression in learning and into work. It focuses primarily on the development of sexual health advice services in further education settings, but also looks at how such services can be linked to other health promotion work going on in further education settings.

It builds on recent health and education reforms which require local agencies to plan and act together. It is aimed at senior managers, commissioners and practitioners working in further education settings, Primary Care Trusts, Children’s Trusts, and the Voluntary Sector.


  • Introduction
  • Young People’s Sexual Health
  • The rationale for delivering Sexual Health Advice in Further Education Settings
  • How to set up a service
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Checklist
  • Acknowledgements
  • Useful Resources
  • References