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Foreign Secretary welcomes extension of UN Commission of Inquiry on Syria

28 September 2012

The UN Human Rights Council today passed a further resolution on Syria which condemned the appalling human rights violations by the Syrian regime and extended the mandate of the UN Commission of Inquiry.
Foreign Secretary William Hague | Crown Copyright

Commenting on this, the Foreign Secretary William Hague said:

“I welcome the Human Rights Council’s adoption of a new resolution on Syria. The overwhelming vote in favour of the resolution shows the growing condemnation of the horrific violations perpetrated by the Syrian regime and their Shabbiha militia.  It also demonstrates the isolation of the few countries that still turn a blind eye to what is happening in Syria.

"I welcome the fact that the Council has extended the mandate of the UN Commission of Inquiry. The Commission has presented chilling accounts of how far the situation in Syria has deteriorated over the past 6 months. Its work is vital to documenting the appalling abuses and violations taking place every day, including the rape and torture of children highlighted this week by Save the Children and Human Rights Watch.

We must continue work to bring these atrocities to light. Those committing these crimes must know that they will be held accountable. That is why I will continue to call for the situation in Syria to be referred to the International Criminal Court, and the UN Commission of Inquiry will have the active support of the United Kingdom. I call on all sides, including armed opposition groups in Syria, to uphold human rights and international law.”

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