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“In practice, we have seen that time and time again, the Ombudsperson process works.”

02 November 2012

UK intervention at the Interactive Dialogue with Ben Emmerson, Special Rapporteur on the promotion and protection of human rights while countering terrorism
UN Photo/John Isaac

Mr Emmerson, we welcome this opportunity for an exchange of views with you on your report.

The 1989 sanctions regime is an important tool to tackle the threat posed to international peace and security by Al Qaeda.

The Security Council has taken very significant steps to enhance further fair and clear procedures in this sanctions regime, including through the establishment of an Office of the Ombudsperson. Most recently, Security Council resolution 1989 mandated the Ombudsperson to make recommendations to the Committee on delisting petitions, and introduced a new decision making process making it very difficult for the Committee to overturn an Ombudsperson recommendation to delist.

These were major reforms. And in the practice, we have seen that time and time again the Ombudsperson process works. The Ombudsperson stated in her Fourth Report that experience demonstrated that the procedure was a robust one, with significant protections, which enshrined the fundamental principles of fairness. She went on to conclude that “In the completed cases to date, the Ombudsperson process has operated in conformity with the fundamental principles of fair process which it was designed to address”.  

As such, we were concerned with your assertion that the Al Qaeda sanctions regime “fall[s] short of international minimum standards of due process.”

We look forward to continued engagement with you on matters of human rights and countering terrorism, and would like to take this opportunity to ask you about your plans for future reports.

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