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UK Mission to the United Nations

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London 18:17, 02 Jan 2013
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Last updated at 18:45 (UK time) 1 Nov 2012

UK Mission Green Team

Row of parked bicyles

Have you considered cycling to work?

Within the UK Mission to the UN we are becoming a “greener” and more environmentally-friendly place to work.’ – Philip Parham, Deputy Permanent Representative to the UK Mission to the UN

By pushing green initiatives within the Mission, we are not only helping to reduce the UK’s carbon footprint abroad, but we are also saving money through greater efficiency and less waste production. A cross mission “Green team” was established to ensure we meet our targets. Over the course of the year, we aim to:
  • reduce our carbon footprint by 5%;
  • reduce our paper usage by 10%;
  • reduce overall refuse by 10%; and
  • increase the number of staff walking and cycling to work by 10%.

Greening the Blue

On 26 January 2012 Deputy Permanent Representative to the UN, Philip Parham, gave a presentation on green best practices during a special sustainability event hosted by the Chilean Mission titled: ‘Greening the Blue: Sharing Lessons and Best Practises on Sustainable Initiatives’. Ambassador Parham highlighted the extensive work the UK government and the Mission has been doing to promote sustainable practices in and outside of government offices. Prime Minister David Cameron has stated that he wants to be the ‘greenest government ever’, in terms of both external policies and internal practice. The UK Mission has risen to this challenge to become one of the greenest Missions in the UN and has also begun helping others on how they too can facilitate sustainable practices. To get full details on how the UK Mission is turning green from the inside out, please see the Ambassador Parham's full statement.

View photos from the Greening the Blue event on our Flickr site

Photos from the Greening the Blue Event

A new green initiative has been introduced by the UN entitled, “Greening the Blue.” A website has been established to not only allow the world’s citizens to better connect with UN greening efforts, but also to help connect the UN’s Missions in order to share best practices and help each other establish  “Green Teams” of their own. The website can be found at where you can explore Twitter updates, latest news, polls and soon, a focal point area to share and promote greater cooperation.

World Environment Day

Sunday 5 June is World Environment Day. Organised by the United Nations Environment Programme, the day is an annual event to draw attention to a key environmental concern; this year the theme is ‘Green Economy: Does it include you?’

The United Kingdom Mission to the United Nations marked last year’s World Environment Day through its annual ‘Green Day’ on 3 June 2011.  Our staff showed their commitment by wearing green, and cycling, walking or taking public transport to work.  They brought in old clothes, shoes and batteries for recycling.  And a series of displays allowed staff to measure their own carbon footprint and learn about how to reduce their environmental impact, both at work and at home.

Find out more about World Environment Day at the UN Environmental Program website.

View photos from The UK Mission's Green day event on our Flickr site.

World Environment Day at the UK Mission to the UN