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UK Mission to the United Nations

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ACABQ examines and reports on the budget submitted by the Secretary-General

Advisory Committee on Administrative and Budgetary Questions (ACABQ)

UK member of the ACABQ
Ambassador Richard Moon was elected to the ACABQ on 5 November 2010. He will take up his position on 1 January 2011. He has extensive experience in budgetary and administrative matters. He previously served as a member of the ACABQ in 2003-2004. During this period he contributed greatly to the review of peacekeeping missions, upgrading UN security, human resources reform in the Secretariat and in securing resources for the Sierra Leone Special Court. He also travelled widely in his ACABQ capacity. He has served on the Committee on Contributions since 2006. Before this he was head of Finance and Reform in the UK Mission in New York.

Richard Moon was the UK’s Ambassador to the Republic of Latvia until July 2009.  Before that he had been deputy Ambassador to the UK delegation at the OECD in Paris.

The Government of the United Kingdom attaches the greatest importance to the efficient and effective management of resources within the United Nations. The UK looks forward to working with Richard Moon and the other newly elected ACABQ members. 

More about the ACABQ
The ACABQ is a subsidiary organ of the United Nations General Assembly. It consists of 16 members appointed by the General Assembly, on the basis of personal qualifications, experience and broad geographical representation. Members of ACABQ serve for three years and retire by rotation.  The major functions of the Advisory Committee are:

  • to provide independent and expert advice to the General Assembly on all UN Regular and Peacekeeping budget proposals 
  • to examine on behalf of the General Assembly the administrative budgets and work programmes of the specialised agencies and proposals for financial arrangements with such agencies
  • to consider and report to the General Assembly on the auditors’ reports on the accounts of the United Nations and of the specialized agencies.
  • The programme of work of the Committee is determined by the requirements of the General Assembly and the other legislative bodies to which the Committee reports