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UK Mission to the United Nations

New York

London 17:48, 02 Jan 2013
New York 12:48, 02 Jan 2013

Geographic issues


UN Photo/Mark Garten

The current situation in Afghanistan


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Find out about UK policy on Burma

Democratic Republic of the Congo

UN Photo/Marie Frechon

The conflict in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Ivory Coast

UN Photo/Basile Zoma

The current situation in the Ivory Coast


UN Photo/UNHCR/A Duclos

Find out more about the latest events in Libya


Women collecting fire-wood for cooking pause on the cracked bed of the Niger River.

Read about recent developments


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The UK is working to address the political and humanitarian situation in Somalia

Sudan and South Sudan

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The UK and UN work to tackle the humanitarian crisis in Sudan


UN Photo/Evan Schneider

Find out about the latest developments in Syria


Evening view of Yemen / Copyright Getty Images

The UK is committed to a united Yemen, with a stable and prosperous future