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Last updated at 3:51 (UK time) 12 Dec 2012

Foreign Secretary condemns DPRK’s satellite launch

12 December 2012

Commenting on the launch of DPRK’s satellite, the Foreign Secretary, William Hague said:

“I strongly condemn the DPRK’s satellite launch today. This launch was a clear violation of UN Security Council Resolutions 1718 and 1874 as it involved the testing of ballistic missile technology. This provocative act will increase tensions in the region. I deplore the fact that the DPRK has chosen to prioritise this launch over improving the livelihood of its people.

"We will be summoning the DPRK Ambassador to the UK to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and the UK will urgently consult partners in the United Nations Security Council on our response to this development. It is essential that the DPRK refrain from further provocative action and take constructive steps towards denuclearisation and lasting peace and stability on the Korean Peninsula.”

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