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Piracy Ransoms Task Force publishes recommendations

11 December 2012

Today the Piracy Ransoms Task Force presented its conclusions on how to work together to reduce the threat of piracy and ultimately ransom payments to pirates.

The Task Force was established by the Prime Minister, David Cameron, after the London Conference on Somalia in February 2012.

The 14-nation Task Force, brought together policy makers from some of the world’s largest Flag States (countries where vessels are registered), nations whose seafarers are most commonly at risk, and those countries at the forefront of the military response to piracy.  

The Task Force made four recommendations in its final report to the Contact Group on Piracy off the Coast of Somalia in New York:

  • Develop a new strategic partnership between Flag States, the private sector and law enforcement agencies that brings together those tackling piracy and those subjected to it in a united effort to break the piracy business model;
  • Develop a more co-ordinated approach to information-sharing to provide evidence to pursue and prosecute all involved in piracy;
  • Strengthen co-ordination between Flag States, the private sector and military responders to prepare for potential hostage situations; and
  • Encourage implementation of anti-piracy measures, including greater compliance with Best Management Practice.

Prime Minister, David Cameron, said:

"Today's conclusions from the Piracy Ransoms Task Force are a welcome step in the right direction. International action, led by the UK, is starting to beat back in the global fight against piracy. The dramatic reduction in pirate activity in the past year shows how important collective action is, and the recommendations of the Task Force should make it harder for pirates to receive, and to profit from, ransom payments. But seafarers of all nations remain at risk, and we must continue to work to break the piracy business model, with the ultimate ambition of bringing an end to ransom payments."

Foreign Office Minister, Alistair Burt, said:

“The UK Government firmly supports and endorses the conclusions of the Piracy Ransoms Task Force. Only through the international community working together to break the pirates’ business model will we reach a position whereby pirates are no longer able to receive or profit from ransom payments. The Government will continue to work as a leading member of the Contact Group and with industry in taking forward the implementation of the task force’s recommendations.”

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