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Remembrance 2012

11 November 2012

The Foreign Office and its embassies, high commissions and missions overseas will be marking Remembrance Day 2012 on Sunday 11 November.
Poppies from the Royal British Legion poppy appeal

To commemorate Remembrance Day, the Foreign Secretary William Hague will lay a wreath in memory of the courageous 18 men and women whose lives were tragically cut short in the cause of peace and as a result of terrorism and violence while serving our country and the Foreign and Commonwealth Office overseas. The Foreign Secretary will lay the wreath at the Diplomatic Service Memorial inside the Foreign and Commonwealth Office building on Monday 12 November.

The Foreign Secretary will also take part in the national Remembrance Day ceremony and lay a wreath at the Cenotaph on Sunday 11 November.

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office works around the world to help avert and reduce conflict; from providing support for economic and political reform in the Middle East to supporting Somalia’s new elected leaders.

You can view 11 examples of how the FCO is helping to avert and reduce conflict around the world on Prezi.

We will also be showcasing how the Foreign and Commonwealth and its missions abroad marked Remembrance Day on our Storify page.

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Read about the making of the Foreign Secretary's Remembrance Day wreath

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