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Actions completed last month

1.1.ii Convert the worst underperforming primary schools to Academy status
6.3.iv Publish proposals for wider reform of the children in care system, including improvements to the fostering system, to support the social work workforce and the quality of commissioning
6.6.ii Take forward the actions from the Bailey review on the commercialisation and sexualisation of childhood, including age-rating of music videos (working with DCMS); work with the Advertising and Standards Agency on public space advertising; agreement with magazine publishers, wholesalers and retailers on the display of magazines with sexualised cover images; continue to work with industry at all levels (including retailers and fast-food outlets) to extend 'active choice' protection on all home internet connections (for existing and new customers), mobile devices, desktops, internet TVs, and public wifi networks
6.6.iii Take stock of progress against the recommendations in the Bailey Review and , where insufficient progress has been made, consider taking the most effective action available, including regulating through legislation if there is a good case to do so

Actions to be completed this month

1.3.v Evaluate the first year of operation of the Summer Schools programme for disadvantaged pupils

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