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Actions completed last month

1.1.xv Test potential for further payment by results schemes through the phase II prison competition process
2.6.i Extend or negotiate prisoner transfer agreements and ensure an increased focus on high volume countries is reflected in Ministerial inward and outward visits
2.6.iv Develop and implement plans to improve communications with FNOs eligible for return under existing voluntary mechanisms Encourage EU Member States to implement promptly the EU Framework Decision on the Transfer of Prisoners
3.1.i Upgrade the Prison to Court Video Link (PCVL) infrastructure to improve its reliability, and ensure that it integrates better with other video technology in courts
3.1.iii Decommission outdated victim and witness link technology and replace it with new equipment to improve reliability and integration with other video equipment
4.3.i Support an independent commission to publish a report on the creation of a UK Bill of Rights
3.8.iii Conduct a post implementation review of the operational structure
3.2.iii Commence testing of delivery options for flexible courts

Actions to be completed this month

4.5.ii Commence provisions extending the Act, legislated for through the Protection of Freedoms Act 2012
4.5.iv Commence introduction of the ‘20 year rule’ and reduction in the lifespan of Freedom of Information Act exemptions Announce award of contracts for Electronic Monitoring services

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