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List of the most recent emissions and climate change data in various formats for download

2010 Final UK Figures (last updated 29 March 2012)
Data Tables (1990-2010)
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In this file, the following tables are included:
  • Headline results: Total greenhouse gas emissions by gas (actual carbon dioxide equivalent)
  • Breakdown of headline results by geographical coverage
  • For carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide and F-gases, emissions from 1990 to 2010 are reported by: source sector, by end-user and fuel type
  • Progress towards targets
  • Uncertainty in estimates and Global Warming Potential (GWP) of UK Greenhouse Gas emissions: 1990/2009
  • Sectoral definitions, details, methodologies and data sources
2011 Provisional UK Figures (last updated: 29 March 2012)

Provisional (1990-2011)
[filetype: xls, filesize: 35.5 KB]

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This estimates greenhouse gas emissions for carbon dioxide, by National Communication sector and the sum of other greenhouse gases. Provisional estimates for 2011 are also broken down by fuel. Figures from 1990 to 2010 are final. The 2011 figures are provisional.

2010 Local Authority Carbon Dioxide Figures (last updated: 23 August 2012)
Local Authority: Full dataset (2005-2010)
[filetype: xls, filesize: 2131 KB]
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This table gives a breakdown of carbon dioxide emissions estimates by sector, for each local authority.
Local Authority: Subset dataset (2005-2010)
[filetype: xls, filesize: 2140 KB]

This table gives a breakdown of carbon dioxide emissions estimates by sector, for each local authority.

Only a subset of the sectors used in the full dataset is included in this table. These emissions within the scope of influence of local authorities.

This dataset was previously called National Indicator (NI) 186.

Quarterly emissions estimates (last updated: 25 October 2012)

Quarterly emissions estimates (last update 25 October 2012)

Quarterly estimates – data tables: 2009-2012

This table contains actual and temperature adjusted quarterly carbon dioxide emissions by source sector, together with estimates of total greenhouse gas emissions up to the second quarter of 2012.
Impacts of Climate Change in the UK (last updated: 10 August 2012)
Average surface temperature: 1772-2011

This table shows difference between average yearly central England temperature and 1961-1990 central England average after smoothing.

It also shows the difference between average global temperature and 1961-1990 global average after smoothing. The source of the data is the Met Office.

Sea levels rise at selected sites: 1834-2011
This table shows the sea level rise for period 1850-2011 for the following UK sites: Aberdeen, Liverpool, Newlyn, North Shields and Sheerness from the Proudman Oceanographic Laboratory
Summer and winter precipitation (1874-2011)

This table shows the summer and winter precipitation for England and Wales; it shows the percentage change from 1961-1990 average. The source of the data is the Hadley Centre.

Agriculture: length of the thermal growing season (1772-2011)

This table shows the length of the thermal growing season for the period 1772-2011. The source of the data is the Met Office.

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