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You can read our annual report below to find out how we performed during 2011-12 and to see our accounts.

Annual report and accounts 2011-12

Download the annual report 2011-12 (PDF, 2.43Mb)

Download an accessible spreadsheet of our core financial tables for 2011-12 (XLS, 0.05Mb)

In our annual report we describe our work over the past year and explain how we used the funds allocated to us.

Our achievements during 2011-12 included:

  • delivering more than 600,000 original documents to users in our reading rooms at Kew, with 98% of orders fulfilled within one hour
  • teaching more than 15,000 students, on site and online
  • taking on sole responsibility for the leadership of the wider archives sector in England, consulting widely on our approach and launching an innovative 'co-creation' approach to developing a new archives accreditation standard
  • collaborating with the British Standards Institution, Collections Trust and Museums Archives and Libraries Wales (CyMAL) to develop a new specification for managing environmental conditions for archive, library and museum collections in the UK
  • establishing a new User Advisory Group to involve users in our planning and decision-making processes at an earlier stage, and at a more strategic level, than ever before
  • reducing carbon emissions from our buildings by 14% compared with 2010-11
  • rolling out Discovery as the primary tool for exploring our collections
  • launching The National Archives' Blog and Archives Media Player
  • improving our performance on the Civil Service staff engagement survey (below) and once again being classed as a high-performing organisation
  • winning a UK Public Sector Digital Award for our groundbreaking service.

Annual report and accounts 2009-10 and 2010-11

Download the annual report 2010-11 (PDF, 1.61Mb)

Download the annual report 2009-10 (PDF, 3.25Mb)

Summary of public records transmitted to The National Archives

This report is produced annually. It provides a summary of the public records transmitted to The National Archives from various sources. It gives a brief description for each piece, including the dates covered.

Download the accessioning report for 2011-12 (PDF, 0.11Mb)

Download the accessioning report for 2010-11 (PDF, 0.12Mb)

Download the accessioning report for 2009-10 (PDF, 0.05Mb)

Exercise of delegated powers conferred on the Lord Chancellor by the Public Records Act 1958

This report is produced annually. It gives details on how The National Archives has exercised particular powers delegated to our Chief Executive and Keeper by the Lord Chancellor.

Download the exercise of delegated powers report for 2011-12 (PDF, 0.03Mb)

Download the exercise of delegated powers report for 2010-11 (PDF, 0.07Mb)

Download the exercise of delegated powers report for 2009-10 (PDF, 0.02Mb)

These documents provide information on:

  • approval given for the transfer of public records between The National Archives and places of deposit, in either direction
  • the appointment of approved places of deposit for public records with specific local relevance or particular specialist and administrative requirements, which are held outside The National Archives
  • approval given for the presentation of public records that have not been selected for permanent preservation at The National Archives to other appropriate bodies

Government departments and agencies

This report gives details of the government departments and agencies that The National Archives works with.

Download the government departments and agencies report for 2011-12 (PDF, 0.07Mb)

Download the government departments and agencies report for 2010-11 (PDF, 0.08Mb)

Download the government departments and agencies report for 2009-10 (PDF, 0.02Mb)

Reports from 2005-06 and 2004-05 giving details of determinations made on the status of certain record-keeping bodies are available in the UK Government Web Archive.

Staff engagement survey

The Civil Service People Survey took place during September/October 2011 and involved 97 organisations across the civil service. A key element of the survey is the 'Employee Engagement Index'. This is a measure of how engaged employees are with their work and it is calculated from responses to five of the key questions in the people survey:

  • I am proud when I tell others I am part of The National Archives
  • I would recommend The National Archives as a great place to work
  • I feel a strong personal attachment to The National Archives
  • The National Archives inspires me to do the best in my job
  • The National Archives motivates me to help it achieve its objectives

Research in the private and public sector suggests organisations with high levels of engagement are more efficient and effective. The National Archives' Employee Engagement Index was calculated at 68% this year. This classes The National Archives as a Civil Service High Performer.

Read the results of the staff engagement survey 2011 (PDF, 0.92Mb)

Reports from previous years

Reports from years prior to 2009-10 are available from the UK Government Web Archive.

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