Digital pens cuts admin for Portsmouth’s midwives

Portsmouth midwives now use low cost Blackberry digital pens to write up case notes, which has halved their paper work.

The pen works just like normal on the paper record, which the mum-to-be keeps, but the pen also reads and uploads the data on the form onto the hospital patient record system automatically.

The hospital system gets accurate, real time information for clinical care as well as for payment systems, clinical audits and to support internal performance management.  The midwife’s linked Blackberry smartphone also has GPS features including an emergency alarm to the exact location, supporting safety, and allows automatic mileage expenses by tracking travel.

For each midwife it has given hours back of clinical time and improved quality of care. It has also saved the trust over £220,000 per year and has won a number of national awards including a 2011 E-Health Insider Award.

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