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UK Mission to the United Nations

New York

London 17:36, 06 Dec 2012
New York 12:36, 06 Dec 2012
Last updated at 23:23 (UK time) 18 Apr 2012

 “100 Days To Go” to London 2012 Olympics

UN Headquarters New York
ON 18 April, to mark 100 Days To Go to the opening ceremony of the London 2012 Summer Olympic Games, the UK Mission hosted three children’s 100 metre races to promote the shared values between the United Nations and the Olympic Movement. Kindergarten and First Grade children from the UN International School representing over 20 countries – and all regions reflected by the Olympic rings –  participated in the races.

100 Metre Kids' Races to Celebrate '100 Days To Go' to London 2012 Olympics

The event took place outside the UN General Assembly Building. UN Deputy Secretary-General Dr. Asha-Rose Migiro, UK Ambassador and Permanent Representative Sir Mark Lyall Grant and UK Ambassador and Deputy Permanent Representative Philip Parham hosted the programme.

Also in attendance were former Olympians Jon Fish (US, rowing) and Howard Lindsay (Antigua and Barbuda, 100m). Race Imboden (on the US 2012 Olympic Team) and his fencing partner Harry Bergman gave a fantastic demonstration of their sport to the kids.