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Working Groups

Much of the Council’s work is carried out by a number of working groups. These groups focus on specific issues and sectors, bringing the expertise of the ELC and others to bear on some of the complex challenges presented by e-Infrastructure.

The current working groups and their ELC membership are as follows.

Engineering and manufacturing 

Working group leader Andy Searle  
  Paul Best
  Mike Payne

Digital media post-production

Working group leader David Docherty
David Bott

Life sciences

Working group leader Darren Green
Doug Kell
Robert Glen
Ian Dix

Life Science Subgroups

Systems biology
Synthetic biochemistry
Translational medicine
Knowledge extraction and content management
Training and role of the Data Scientist
Plant science
Animal science

The “missing middle” and supporting academics with industry interactions/spin outs

Working group leader Kaitlin Thaney
John Bancroft

UK participation in HPC at the European level

Working group leader Richard Kenway
Oz Parchment
Sean McGuire

A comprehensive working group membership list is available.

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Minister responsible

David Willetts is the minister responsible for this policy area.