Data Sources

Administrative Sources

Where possible, the Department for Education's statistical publications use data originally collected for operational purposes, either internally or by other organisations, in order to avoid duplicating requests for information.

This spreadsheet provides information on such administrative data sources used by the Department. For some data sources, a metadata template is included; for others we have provided links to further information produced by the owners of the data.

Enquiries related to the metadata can be sent to the contact person named in each template. General enquiries on this information can be sent to Gill Atkinson at the Data Outputs Unit mailbox.

Background notes on statement of Administrative sources (PDF)
Statement of Administrative Sources (Excel)

School Workforce Census

From April 2011, the annual "School Workforce in England" Statistical First Release (SFR) will reflect the new data collected by the first complete School Workforce Census (SWF) which took place during November and December 2010. The SWF is now the Department's main source of data on the School Workforce in all local authority maintained schools and academy schools. It collects individual level data on school teachers and other school staff that is more detailed (and timelier) than in previous years. For further details on the data collection and publication, click here.

Data Transparency

The Government has set out the need for greater transparency of public data. In line with this the Department for Education signposts information as it becomes available here.

Common Basic Data Set (CBDS)

The CBDS provides a standard for data used in software systems for management information in schools, LAs, other children's institutions, the Department and other government bodies.