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The (other) Arab Spring

Wild poppies near Ajloun, Jordan

Some might say that talking about the weather – a central theme for this, my second, blog entry – is a bit risky. There’s a chance it’ll look like I’m stuck for ideas to write about. Or, worse, that I’ve conformed to the national stereotype: after all, Britain has been described as land of uncertain climate peopled by obsessive weather-watchers. The truth, though, is that I have just had my … Read more »The (other) Arab Spring

Welcome to my blog! !أهلا و سهلا

Feature image for:  Welcome to my blog!   !أهلا و سهلا

No matter where you are in the world, there are some tasks in life that remain stubbornly tricky. Establishing a decent internet connection seems to be one of them. Here in Jordan, it’s a process that has required two call centres, one wireless router, any number of cables – and the best part of a Saturday morning. It’s also been a good test of my Arabic skills. Over the past … Read more »Welcome to my blog! !أهلا و سهلا