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Once the consultation deadline has passed and we have analysed the responses, we will publish the Government Response. We aim to do this within three months of the date the consultation closed.

Details of consultations run before June 2009 can be found on the National Archives website.

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  • Employment Tribunal Rules - review by Mr Justice Underhill

    Consultation period: 14 Sep 2012 to 24 Nov 2012

    In November 2011, Mr Justice Underhill, former President of the Employment Appeal Tribunal was invited by Government to lead a fundamental review of the rules of procedure for employment tribunals. He was asked to ensure that the rules were simplified and provided the framework to manage cases flexibly, effectively, proportionately and consistently, providing certainty to all parties who participate in the employment tribunal process.

  • Ending the employment relationship

    Consultation period: 14 Sep 2012 to 24 Nov 2012

    The consultation seeks views on ways to support the use of settlement agreements and changes to the compensatory award limit in unfair dismissal cases.

  • Shaping a UK agri-tech strategy: call for evidence

    Consultation period: 11 Oct 2012 to 22 Nov 2012

    This call for evidence invites you to submit views and information that will help shape a Government strategy to promote UK economic growth and international development by making best use of the science and technologies relevant to agriculture.   

  • Employee Ownership and Share Buy Backs - Consultation on implementation of Nuttall Review recommendations

    Consultation period: 30 Oct 2012 to 16 Nov 2012

    The Nuttall Review on Employee Ownership recommended (Recommendation V) that the Government should review and consult on changes to deregulate the conditions under which companies can: authorise share buy backs; finance share buy backs; and hold shares ‘in treasury’.

  • Consultation on the implementation of the Consumer Rights Directive 2011/83/EU

    Consultation period: 20 Aug 2012 to 01 Nov 2012

    This consultation seeks views on the UK’s implementation of the Consumer Rights Directive (CRD). The provisions in the CRD will apply, subject to some limited exceptions, to all contracts for sales of goods and services by traders to consumers, whether the transactions are within the UK or effected across EU borders. The consultation document, and response form should you wish to use it, are below.

  • Consultation on implementing Directive 2011/7/EU on Combating Late Payment in Commercial Transactions

    Consultation period: 19 Sep 2012 to 19 Oct 2012

    This consultation seeks views on the UK’s implementation of the Late Payment Directive. The Directive covers all debts incurred in commercial transactions. It applies to businesses and public authorities, whether the transactions are within the UK or effected across EU borders.

  • Consultation on the early implementation of a ban on above cost payment surcharges

    Consultation period: 03 Sep 2012 to 15 Oct 2012

    This consultation seeks views on proposals for early implementation of a ban on above cost payment surcharges.

  • Consultation on enhancing consumer confidence by clarifying consumer law

    Consultation period: 13 Jul 2012 to 05 Oct 2012

    The consultation seeks views on options to simplify and clarify the law in relation to the supply of goods, services and digital content supplied under a contract. To respond quickly and easily there is a short online version of the consultation which can be accessed via the right hand panel. The full consultation document is below.

  • Directors' Pay: Revised Remuneration Reporting Regulations

    Consultation period: 27 Jun 2012 to 26 Sep 2012

    This consultation seeks your views on the draft regulations for the content of directors' remuneration reports.

  • Collective Redundancies: Consultation on changes to the rules

    Consultation period: 21 Jun 2012 to 19 Sep 2012

    The consultation seeks views on reforms to improve the quality of consultation over large scale redundancies.

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