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Big Data Analytics

23 November | BIS Blogs

As part of my mission to engage with as many of you as possible on a range of different themes, I held a breakfast event last week on ‘Big Data Analytics’. This event was extremely useful to me – many … Continue reading

Heritage crafts are big business

22 November | BIS Blogs

As a self-employed traditional craftsperson I have never considered myself as particularly significant economically. Yet new research published today, ‘Mapping Heritage Craft’  shows that 209,000 people are employed in the Heritage Crafts sector with a turnover of £10.8 billion, contributing £4.4 … Continue reading

Collaborative training to achieve economic recovery

20 November | BIS Blogs

Skills are essential for our future prosperity. In the current economic climate, against a backdrop of increasing global competition, the importance of developing a capable and competitive workforce is a significant priority for a business such as ours, a manufacturing, paint, … Continue reading

What can employers and employees do about youth unemployment?

19 November | UK Commission for Employment and Skills

What can employers and employees do about youth unemployment? The latest unemployment figures published in October showed a welcome fall in the number of people out of work, with youth unemployment retreating below the 1 million mark, falling by 62,000. … Continue reading

How to keep your small business innovative – the Lean StartUp way

15 November | BIS Blogs

The beauty of the Lean StartUp movement, started by author and entrepreneur Eric Ries, is that it proves that all companies can innovate, whether you’re a one-man band just starting out or an established global corporation. Innovation can mean anything, … Continue reading

Supporting Global Entrepreneurship Week

9 November | BIS Blogs

Next week sees the start of Global Entrepreneurship Week 2012. This is a great opportunity for the country to showcase the entrepreneurial talent that we have on offer and to celebrate enterprise in theUK. This year will be bigger than … Continue reading

Slide to unlock: Why training is moving from classroom to smartphone

6 November | UK Commission for Employment and Skills

Anytime, day or night, they sit there glowing patiently ready to be swiped, shook and whistled into, all in the name of service. It all begs the question: what did we do before applications? In a typical journey into work … Continue reading

Onwards and upwards? Young people and the labour market

30 October | UK Commission for Employment and Skills

The latest estimates from the Office for National Statistics suggest a fall of 62,000 in the number of young people who are unemployed. This is good news, although with some 957,000 still looking for work there remains a long way … Continue reading

The Future of Engineering Skills

26 October | UK Commission for Employment and Skills

At 8am in the morning (ugh), the great and the good of the engineering world (well some of them anyway) plus me, were arriving at the Lanesborough Hotel in Knightsbridge, central London, for a free breakfast. For those of you … Continue reading

Shaping Science and Society

22 October | BIS Blogs

The issues are all around us I was reminded at the Science Media Centre’s 10th birthday celebration of a classic science and society issue: how science is reported and the importance of the relationship between scientists and journalists. Coverage of the … Continue reading

Regional Growth Fund: playing the long game for growth and jobs

11 October | BIS Blogs

  As Ministers prepare to announce the latest winners for round three of the Regional Growth Fund (RGF), this is an ideal time to challenge some of the negative and short-term views that surround RGF and highlight the fund’s success … Continue reading

Northern Ireland’s employers called to action

9 October | UK Commission for Employment and Skills

Last month the UK Commission’s Chairman, Charlie Mayfield, joined me to call upon Northern Ireland’s employers to take control of the skills agenda. Like elsewhere in the UK, Northern Ireland is facing significant skills “potholes” that employers, if given the … Continue reading

Why now is the time to trust in training

8 October | UK Commission for Employment and Skills

Innovation and entrepreneurialism are regularly talked about as being solutions to drive growth. However, my belief is that workplace training is also a vital and often overlooked part of the solution to the problem of stimulating growth in Europe. Workplace … Continue reading

Getting out and about…picking up the pace

5 October | BIS Blogs

  I have been spending lots of time lately engaging with people from the data world and have had some fascinating discussions. I was extremely impressed on my visit to the Ordnance Survey to see the new ways they are … Continue reading

Celebrating the use of Space to enrich teaching and learning in the UK

4 October | UK Space Agency blog

The first UK Space Education Office (ESERO-UK) conference took place in September 2012. Around 100 delegates descended on the National STEM centre in York, with representatives from many organisations throughout the UK that provide support to teachers and students in … Continue reading

The UK Commission’s Employer Skills Survey – Infographic

3 October | UK Commission for Employment and Skills

The UK Commission produced a conference poster to highlight the wealth of information available from the UK Commission’s Employer Skills Survey 2011. We wanted an eye-catching poster that would stand out from the crowd and help us communicate key findings … Continue reading

Training is far more than learning essential skills

2 October | UK Commission for Employment and Skills

Some weeks ago, John Humphreys of Radio 4’s Today programme was interviewing children in Bong County, Liberia. What would they like to do when they grew up? I would like to start a large business, said one. Ah, responded Mr. … Continue reading

The Groceries Code Adjudicator – a vital piece of the jigsaw

7 September | BIS Blogs

  The current Groceries Code Adjudicator Bill, which comes before MPs this autumn, heralds a crucial, although by no means exclusive, element of the NFU’s work to ensure farming delivers for Britain. At the core of this is my belief … Continue reading

Why my data is important data

3 September | BIS Blogs

The implementation of the ‘midata’ vision is without doubt a prerequisite for ending confusion facing UK consumers about how much they pay for goods and services. But in my view it’s about more than just that. It’s an opportunity to … Continue reading

Creating space for the weird and paradoxical

15 June | Public Sector Innovation

Shared space for traffic and people, Exhibition Rd, South Kensington – London Evening Standard In Wednesday’s blog I gave an example of an organisational malady where the remedies (more of the same) seem sensible but the patient never seems to … Continue reading