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Foundation stone-laying ceremony group shotForces' recovery centre pool complex under construction

The latest stage in the construction of a major centre for military personnel recovering from long-term conditions and injuries was marked with a ceremony this week.30 Nov 12

Archery at Battle Back CentreBattle Back Centre opens in Lilleshall

An adaptive sports and adventure training centre to enhance the recovery of injured Service...23 Nov 12

Tranche 2 Horse Guards bidders visitDefence facilities bidders set to tender for England and Wales

Private sector bidders are set to start tendering for three major MOD facilities management...23 Oct 12

Salisbury PlainMOD consults public on countryside access

The MOD has launched a formal consultation on the five-year review of 21 sets of access...22 Oct 12

Soldier training at Defence Training Estate range at Warcop in Cumbria Contract awarded for new DIO Infrastructure Management Solution

The Defence Infrastructure Organisation (DIO), the MOD’s property and services provider, has awarded...17 Oct 12

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