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Cammell Laird's Birkenhead facilityMOD contracts safeguard hundreds of UK shipyard jobs

Around 800 jobs in the UK maritime sector have been safeguarded after the MOD extended five maintenance contracts worth a total of £349m.3 Dec 12

A Royal Air Force technician attaches a Paveway IV laser-guided bomb to the underside of a Tornado GR4£25m MOD weapons contract sustains 450 UK jobs

Hundreds of manufacturing jobs in the British defence industry have been secured by a £25m contract...3 Dec 12

Foxhound light protected patrol vehicleFifty-one new Foxhound vehicles for the front line

The MOD is investing £46m in acquiring fifty-one new Foxhound patrol vehicles for soldiers serving...23 Nov 12

Sea King helicopter approaches HMS Diamond's sternBagger meets Type 45 for first time

A Royal Navy airborne surveillance Sea King helicopter has worked together with a Type 45 destroyer...15 Nov 12

Artist's impression of new Royal Fleet Auxiliary tanker and a Type 45 destroyerNew fleet of RFA tankers named

Four new Royal Fleet Auxiliary (RFA) tankers, which will be bought as part of the Military Afloat...14 Nov 12

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