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Disposal of Munitions at Sea

This profile contains documents pertaining to the disposal of explosives, chemical weapons, radiological waste and munitions on the seabed.

Analysis of Explosions in the British Geological Survey Seismic Database in the Area of Beaufort's Dyke 1992-2004

  • This review is of seismic information that may indicate spontaneous detonation of some munitions. In the period 1992-2004, 47 explosions were confirmed although 13 are known to have been deliberate detonations (e.g. military exercises) and others may also have been deliberate as no central records are held. The exact size of the explosions has significant measurement uncertainty, but many would not have been noticeable at the surface. The findings do not give any immediate cause for alarm, but the MOD will continue to monitor the site and evaluate relevant additional data.

Munitions Dumped at Sea: A literature review by Imperial College, London (2005)

  • This review examines relevant published studies and other appropriate information on the current scientific opinion on munitions that have been disposed of by dumping on the sea bed. It concluded that the overwhelming view in the literature is that a policy of no intervention is the best course of action.

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